Apartment S – Marseille (13)

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The project consists of the rehabilitation of a fraction of a warehouse converted into an apartment.

A loftlike open space is unified by a concrete slab. A flow of the same material forms an island in the living part overlooking the Old Port of Marseilles below, while the night part is raised at the rear by a platform and encloses a lime-coated troglodyte shower room. Brass fittings set the concrete throughout the apartment. The organizational fluidity of the layout is accentuated by the use of solid oak furniture whose variable thickness acts as a transition between the living area, bathed in off-white, and the bedroom, wrapped in blackout curtains. 

Program: Rehabilitation of an apartment
Location: Marseille (13)
Private client: Non-disclosed
Architect: Enzo Rosada architecte (Marseille, FR)
Surface: 100 sqm
Budget: Non-disclosed
Calendar: Commission April 2020, Construction start September 2020, Completion June 2021
Contract type: Commission, Full design services, Interior design, Furniture 

Image credits: © Enzo Rosada architecte