Apartement PS – Paris (75)

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The project consists of the conversion of a Haussmannian apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris into a home base. 

The eruption of a marble fault in the vestibule frames the living room. A long uniform domestic wooden chest, spinning through the apartment and leaning against a load-bearing wall, partitions a variety of bedrooms. The penetration of this furniture gives access to individual showers of concrete. The setting of brass, the extruded concrete, the marble declined in several shapes harmonize a modulation of precious materials in open volumes. The curtain wraps express the sensitivity of an architecture dedicated to the development of spaces evoking the gallant style: hamlets, boudoirs favorable to play, to romance, to sleep. 

Program: Rehabilitation of an apartment
Location: Paris (75)
Private client: Non-disclosed
Architect: Enzo Rosada architecte (Marseille, FR)
Surface: 110 sqm
Budget: Non-disclosed
Calendar: Commission August 2021, Construction start 2022,
Completion 2023
Contract type: Commission, Partial mission construction documents, Interior design, Furniture

Image credits: © Spectrum