Enzo Rosada graduated in 2018 from the ENSA in Marseille, a city of apprenticeship and adoption for him; and licensed with an “accreditation of a qualified architect to exercise his profession in his own name” in 2020. Enzo Rosada was the collaborator of Rudy Ricciotti, whose student he became after having founded in 2015 the association dedicated to the preservation of the Vitrolles Stadium which had obtained the label of “Architecture Contemporaine Remarquable” for the disused building. It was also in 2018 that Ora Ito appointed him to take over the direction of the MAMO, a contemporary art center on the roof terrace of Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse. 

These choices express the contextual attachment as well as the sensitivity to concrete of an architect who created his agency in 2020, and therefore stands out for his desire to radicalize theoretical and formal discourse in favor of a constructive narrative specific to the expression of know-how. As an equestrian, he did acquire several techniques from horseback riding that he later applied in architecture. He did learn how to be a tactful competitor and how to achieve relaxation. Other expertise of horse-riding included handling, restraining and the unique discipline of dressage. These tactics practiced in architecture are configured as combat and public affairs, that are two expressions of political and aesthetic commitments.

2024 - Winner of the “BIG SEE Interior Design Awards 2024” with the Apartement S
2024 - Nominated for the “ArchDaily 2024 Building of the Year Awards” with the Apartement S
2022 - Winner of the “Concours d’Architecture Contemporaine ArchiCOTE 2022” with the Villa La Calanque
2020 - Founder of Enzo Rosada architecte
2020 - Accreditation of a qualified architect to exercise his profession in his own name” degree from ENSA Marseille
2018 -“Architecture Contemporaine Remarquable” label awarded by “le Ministère de la Culture” for the Vitrolles Stadium
2018 - State diploma of architecture from ENSA Marseille
2018 - Director of the contemporary art center MAMO (Marseille Modulor)
2017 - Winner of the “Concours d’Architecture Contemporaine ArchiCOTE 2017” with the tower of Provence
2016 - Collaborator of the architect Rudy Ricciotti
2015 - Founding president of the association for the defense of heritage La Renaissance du Stadium

Photo credit: © Lisa Ricciotti