Exhibition UNTITLED, Olivier Mosset – Marseille (13)

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The exhibition brings together two monumental monochrome works at MAMO. Also on view is Mosset’s 1957 Harley Davidson 74’ Panhead. Olivier Mosset, Untitled, an event celebrating a work more accustomed to in-situ installations that did not misrepresented the inversion of what adorns the site or the exhibition. The co-presence of these large metal flats adorned with a coat of “chameleon” paint whose acroterion brings together minerals diversified with vegetation with that of the large volumes of this rooftop terrace designed by Le Corbusier as a giant shelf leads to the base office of La Cité Radieuse.  

Program: Site management for the exhibition UNTITLED,
Olivier Mosset
Location: MAMO, Marseille (13)
Private client: Studio Ora Ito
Artistic direction: Ora Ito (Paris, FR)
Site management and coordination: Enzo Rosada architecte (Marseille, FR)
Calendar: Commission March 2018, Completion July 2018
Contract type: Commission, Site management

Photo credits: © Stéphane Aboudaram | WE ARE CONTENT(S)