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Conceived on the initiative of the heritage defense association La Renaissance du Stadium, the MEFI traveling and militant exhibition brings together more than a hundred works and artifacts related to the history of the Vitrolles Stadium, from its genesis until today, with a particular focus on its design and construction. A precious sum of archives and works of art tells the story of the building. In addition, there are elements of furniture torn from the core of this abandoned black box and fragments of metal sheets woven with pop flowers, acoustic coverings removed from the auditorium and reused here as picture rails. Thus, the Stadium exposes its interiority, exhibits and moves, composes and recomposes itself.  

Program: Artistic direction for the exhibition MEFI – Le Stadium, Rudy Ricciotti
Location: Les Docks Villages, Marseille (13) + Espaces Atypiques, Marseille (13) + Arc- en-Rêve, Bordeaux (33)
Private client: Association La Renaissance du Stadium
Artistic direction: Enzo Rosada architecte (Marseille, FR)
Scenography: Clotilde Berrou, BKCLUB architectes (Marseille, FR)
Graphic design and communication: Activist MRS, We Are Content(s)
File processing and printing: Studio AZA
Calendar: Commission January 2018, Les Docks Village November 2018, Espaces Atypiques February 2019, Arc-en-Rêve March 2020
Contract type: Commission, Artistic direction

Artists: Stéphane Aboudaram, Olivier Amsellem, Charles Auburtin, Eric Baille, Frédérick du Chayla, Serge Demailly, Philippe Durand, Anne Favret, David Giancatarina, Patrice Goulet, Florent Groc, HIFIKLUB, David Huguenin, Jardin des Modes, Xavier de Jauréguiberry, Valérie Jouve,
Julien Lévy, Christian Michel, Patrick Manez, Alexandre Benjamin Navet, Nicolas Ouchenir, Bernard Plossu, Christian Poitevin, Paul Raftery, Eric Raz, Lisa Ricciotti, Rudy Ricciotti, Phlippe Ruault, Yvan Salomone, Jeanne-Marie Sens, Éditions Sens & Tonka, THEG Fougerolles, Ville de Vitrolles, Pascal Urbain, Cyrille Weiner

Partners: Ministère de la Culture, Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Ville de Marseille, Ville de Vitrolles, Agam agence d’urbanisme de l’agglomération marseillaise, Rudy Ricciotti architecte, Activist MRS, SCAU architecture, NP2F architectes, DPA Dominique Perrault Architecture, Lacaton & Vassal, Fuksas, Carta Associés, AUA Paul Chemetov architectes urbanistes associés, BLP Architectes, CA Caire Architecture, Enzo Rosada architecte, We are content(s), Espaces Atypiques Marseille, Studio Aza, Studio Totem., Hifiklub + Jean-Marc Montera, Villa Noailles Hyères, Arnaud Bizalion Éditeur, Immalliance, Ballet Preljocaj, Ateliers Alfonso Femia, Francis Soler Architecte, Les Docks Village, AVEC l’architecture, Les Inrocks, Ideat, AA L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, La Provence, La Marseillaise, Chroniques d’architecture, France Bleu Provence

Photo credits:
1 to 3: © Xavier de Jauréguiberry
4 to 6: © 
Rodolphe Escher